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Investment Consulting

Within the framework of our investment consultancy we develop a detailed portfolio analysis for you.

Here we examine the property stock, looking for possible hidden yield and worth developments as well as potential additional value.


  • Stock analysis on the critical field of global sales, smooth privatization and identifying properties suitable for condominiums. This is based on a market research analysis and evaluation of the micro position to uncover possible yield and worth developments or potential additional value.


  • In Reviewing the asset we look at several different aspects; the recent vacancies, fluctuation over the course of time, the maintenance by increased cash-flow through leveling the potential worth, considering the commercial risk and weighting the return, as well as the sales possibility of remnants.


  • Feasibility study on fiscal, technical and legal aspects to develop adding value potential as well as evaluating the price of risks (regarding construction and financing), analysis of necessity of finance regrouping.


  • We also focus on the fiscal consequences arising through these operations. Our network provides access to specialized tax advisors, who can provide expert fiscal advise from a global strategy perspective.


 Based on this analysis we can provide a recommendation to build, reduce or dissolve portfolios.

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