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Transaction advisory and investment mediation

We manage the search of suitable properties for institutional investors and identify targeted investments, based on the required profile, attending to the entire transaction process.


We advice:


Investment companies,  pension funds, retirement funds, supply funds, assurances, foundations, churches, companies, family offices, high-net-worth-individuals and developers.


In all of our undertakings we offer a secure confidentiality, using our direct national and international access in a discrete manner.


The frame of our advisory function offers the following services:


For the seller:


  • Property and market analysis

  • potential analysis and development of marketing strategies

  • preparation of investment memos and presentations

  • approach towards investors with an exclusive, national and international circle of investors

  • implementation of sales process (focused communication with investors, viewing appointments)

  • establishment, organization and support of datarooms

  • conducting and attending the sales negotiations as well as supporting and organizing the sale contract and notary appointment



For the buyer:


  • Support of the purchase process

  • structured evaluation and preparation of documents and data concerning the property

  • planning and organizing the economic, legal and technical due diligence

  • assistance of international investors during the entire implementation

  • consideration of the requirements of the investor based on the capital and the planning of structured financing with the support of relevant finance partner

  • access and network to local property and facility services



We treat our given tasks always with expertise, discretion an objectivity.

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